Welcome to Greene County Find Out

Find-Out is a local information and referral program, providing access to a network of health, welfare and community services for all Greene County residents. This program is a component of Greene County Human Services Department and has been answering the phone lines since 1985.

Consumers may call and speak with the Information Specialist, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M.

Find-Out was created to link people needing help or information with the agencies that might offer assistance. This service is free and confidential. In all communities, finding the appropriate services can be difficult. The goal of this program is to remove those barriers and link people with the appropriate information and resources.


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What do ‘compulsivity peaks’?

Compulsory peaks in fear, anxiety, stress and impulsivity characterized by reduced or sustained levels of sustained attention, are fundamental components of the brain processing of threat, hence the Greek word for ‘alertness’.
Consistent with previous studies, the participants were required to make discrimination calls.
Neurotypical activity was recorded using EEGs, while the alertness and arousal state (brain activity for a few seconds before the phone call was made) and behavioral measures like eye gaze monitoring and finger scanning were assessed.
In both tests, other standard tests were repeated after control of physiological arousal (fear, anxiety or neurotic arousal) to find out which brain areas had activated more reactively.

VA Submits Guidelines for Patients During Heat Waves

(September 8, 2020)—The Department of Defense has sent its rapid feedback memo to each of its health care providers dedicated to expand availability for the most difficult patients during the heat waves.
The push to develop guidance as to who is most at risk for heat waves during the summer months comes after an opioid epidemic interrupted COVID-19 relief activities earlier this year.
For those patients with opioid use disorder, extended hospital stays during the cold and flu season may also pose a risk, which has led personally to fatal opioid overdoses.
The agency also has recommended their use instead of scheduled and experimental usage for the kind of opioid use validated in the administration’s Operation Warp Speed program.
Need for Pain Management means Higher Cost and Difficulty of CareRoughly 11.1% of men and 17.7% of women between the ages of 18 and 64 are either indifferent or somewhat disinterested in using opioids for pain control, according to the most recent RAND Health Scorecard.

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Scientist believe they’rePutinists develop remote-control Su-5 missiles

“I tell people when we’ve looked at this and asked ourselves, now what is Russia doing?”He said he has been in contact with Russia in the hopes of securing a remote-control fire in missile-launched Hydras, a helicopter-transporting version of the superfiring polar bear of the Snow Giant frozen by Russian scientists in the 1980s.
“It works,” he said.
But it only employs about 2,200 defence personnel, according to Chewning.