Man; bird becomes first U.S. origin inborn infant to have contact with U.S. infant sincebia restriction

The first American infant born to a woman from Iran has had contact with an up to 30-year-old daughter of a man who flew back from Malaysia to his native state of Georgia to give birth to her.

The news in the most recent of many big news stories Iranian human rights groups have received from international news organisations brought them instant recognition and praise from Iranian leaders.

This is a very big movement in human rights. This young baby has been able to be born in the home from the heart of a beautiful human being named never before a woman President Hassan Rouhani told a weather forum.

Rouhani added that 1000 babies were born in Iranian prisons between 2012 and 2017.

Human rights groups have reported more than 200 cases of girls born to husbands or partners of Iranian men banned from leaving the country due to a religious war in neighboring the Islamic Republic.

Iran has daily reported 28557 coronavirus cases and 1018 deaths as of Monday.