FDA approves broad-spectrum HIV drug to treat ICU patients

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration approved Capivain ES a broad-spectrum HIV drug for purposes of treatment in intensive care units (ICUs) and supportive care units (SCUs) a statement from the agency said Monday.

The statement did not deny a new AIDS Treatment and Research Collaborative grant application from AMDRI researchers the statement said. AMDRI which has made more than 1. 1 billion in annual funding from the Defense Production Act the funding driver promotes the commercialization of NVIDIAs graphics processing units.

Capivain ES treats HIV patients who are in cardiac lung kidney or other types of acute and oncological situations by preventing persistent viral replication of HIV. The drug has been licensed to a biotechnology company as a potential HIV treatment in cases in which this drug is metabolized the statement said.

Berkley Johnson Inteleyes CEO said the companys engineering team would partner with AMDRI to advance Capivain ES access across hospitals and SCUs a key hurdle for efforts to treat patients living with HIV. AMDRI has raised more than twice as much funding than AMDRIs full-year projected investment according to a report last year.

The U. S. government awarded AMDRI three-and-a-half years worth of research and development to market its antiviral drug Veklurya through the Defense Production Act. AMDRI last year applied for and received the approval to market Veklurya.

Inteleyes has said it expects Veklurya to be available for purchase by early 2019. AMDRI garnered 115 million in financial support from the Defense Production Act through the term of the program.

Unlike the many antivirals being currently available to patients living with HIV Veklurya is developed with customized patterns of cannabidiol (CBD) and other natural products AMDRIs statement said referring to the biologic drugs they have developed to combat HIV.