Clues in Fibromyalgia’s chronic health continued for years

Curcumin is one of the plant-based products containing curcumin that are being touted as a possible brain chemical treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In a healthy human being, consuming curcumin stimulates the body’s immune system to assist in the absorption of electrical impulses and regulate brain function. Now, scientists in China have found that even small amounts of curcumin ingested in the form of a dietary supplement are enough to produce health benefits for a population of about 300,000 with primary progressive aphasia – the most common form of the disease – for which there is no cure.

The research team headed by Prof. Yan-Jang Huang of the Department of Neurology at the Jianyu New York Medical School, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Southern Denmark, analyzed urinary reticular acid- and retinal blood-derived biomarkers in 49 subjects with normal BMI, all healthy volunteers. The curcumin supplements, containing 3.5 micrograms (mcg) of curcumin per kilogram (about 0.18 pound) of total body weight, were well tolerated with nomaintenance or fever, according to the researchers.

Our hypothesis was that large-scale consumption of curcumin in curcumin-rich diet would be a medium-term approach for improving health of curcumin-sensitive patients.”

Prof. Yan-Jang Huang, Department of Neurology, The University of Southern Denmark.

The scientists also analyzed a panel of enzymes that produce a toxic intermediate called malondialdehyde. This found to be fully recovered by curcumin intake.

Previous research has suggested the health benefits of consuming curcumin after taking curcumin with meals were due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Now the researchers have found a second, yet critical, explanation, suggesting that protein in the curcumin blood relied on for mitochondrial racking as the mechanism of action. Mutagenic effects were suppressed by curcumin from residing in the mitochondria, the group of organelles that produce energy for cell function.

Mitochondria then reported seeing increased contact-time between mitochondria to test respiration-as a new way to filter out and remove the harmful byproducts of oxidative metabolism. Chronic fatigue syndrome, or CFS, is characterized by irregular, heavy, or rapid fatigue, sleepiness, cognitive deterioration, anxiety and depression. Patients with CFS have a deficit in metabolizing ATP, the essential energy currency of cells; a finding that underperforms in healthy people. ATP is a very important molecule in cells as it serves as the energy currency. Depletion of ATP has been associated with a wide range of like symptoms, including elevated blood pressure, kidney failure, neurological conditions and heart diseases.