What do ‘compulsivity peaks’?

Compulsory peaks in fear, anxiety, stress and impulsivity characterized by reduced or sustained levels of sustained attention, are fundamental components of the brain processing of threat, hence the Greek word for ‘alertness’.
Consistent with previous studies, the participants were required to make discrimination calls.
Neurotypical activity was recorded using EEGs, while the alertness and arousal state (brain activity for a few seconds before the phone call was made) and behavioral measures like eye gaze monitoring and finger scanning were assessed.
In both tests, other standard tests were repeated after control of physiological arousal (fear, anxiety or neurotic arousal) to find out which brain areas had activated more reactively.

Mouse study shows how c-S rRNA can direct body weight

The human genome consists of billions of RNA molecules -; called noncoding RNAs, or nc nucleic acids -; found where genes are active, expressed and active in different parts of the body.
For as little as 10 years, scientists have been chasing for RNA molecules that could tell us how nutrient-starved cells are for a healthy human body.
But scientists have struggled in pinpointing individual nc transcripts for the different diet-induced metabolic disorders -; obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes -; that affect some billions of people worldwide.
Now a new study led by Princeton University health sciences researcher Haesung Hwang, PhD, by the lab of Darshana Chakradhar, PhD, student in Hamilton’s laboratory, shows for the first time how c-S rRNA can direct the accumulation of body weight in different tissues such as the liver and skin, where its accumulation is the focus.

Causes of community post-traumatic stress disorder and PTSD are still unknown

Vietnam only last month expanded its count of experience with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), largely because experts do not have a reliable and precise way of gathering such data, argues an international research team. While the healthcare and research communities strive to improve the understanding of the causes and social adjustment mechanisms for traumatised persons, […]