VA Submits Guidelines for Patients During Heat Waves

(September 8, 2020)—The Department of Defense has sent its rapid feedback memo to each of its health care providers dedicated to expand availability for the most difficult patients during the heat waves.
The push to develop guidance as to who is most at risk for heat waves during the summer months comes after an opioid epidemic interrupted COVID-19 relief activities earlier this year.
For those patients with opioid use disorder, extended hospital stays during the cold and flu season may also pose a risk, which has led personally to fatal opioid overdoses.
The agency also has recommended their use instead of scheduled and experimental usage for the kind of opioid use validated in the administration’s Operation Warp Speed program.
Need for Pain Management means Higher Cost and Difficulty of CareRoughly 11.1% of men and 17.7% of women between the ages of 18 and 64 are either indifferent or somewhat disinterested in using opioids for pain control, according to the most recent RAND Health Scorecard.

To The Family: Getting the Best Out Of Measles Vaccine

For everyone wondering why there weren’t more measles outbreaks in NYC during the measles vaccine season, we’re happy to present you some facts.
Over the past 15 years New York City has seen a dramatic decrease in measles outbreaks due to the MMR vaccine in NYC.
As of 2017, NYC has recorded more than 25,000 measles cases and 6,000 measles hospitalizations.
This figure doesn’t include individuals who catch the disease from unvaccinated people and immunocompromised people.
New York City residents are starting to believe in immunotherapies and tracking progress.
There is the possibility of getting measles due to a mistake in MMR vaccination decisions.

Paging mouse growth genes reveals movement hotspots

Cornell University researchers have found specific mouse growth genes that move from the subtally open gut, into the developing stomach, namely a section in the large intestine.
The new study, published in the journal Cell Stem Cell and led by Andrea Durand, professor of Biomedical Engineering in the Cornell University College of Engineering, assessed 39 gene expression networks in mice.
“Microendody uses a fetus’ stomach to seed it with proteins to grow in the developing stomach,” said lead author Susan Williams, a graduate student in Cornell’s BIO5 program.

Are LGBT youth at increased risk for substance use disorders?

LGBT youth are at greater risk for substance abuse disorders, such as a jump in their risky alcohol consumption associated with early and frequent sex, new research from UT Health San Antonio and Baylor College of Medicine suggests.
The study, published March 25 in JAMA Network Open, suggests that design of interventions that target the endogenous opioid system—both endogenous and non-opioid—may reduce disparities in addiction among gay and bisexual men.
“Previous studies of substance use disorders among gay and bisexual men have shown disparities in severity of alcohol use and tolerance compared to heterosexual men,” explained the study’s author, Ben Lewin, Ph.D., professor in the UT Health San Antonio Department of Behavioral Health Sciences and the Cynthia and Jack Barshop Professor of Family and Community Medicine.
“But our research has also shown that lesbian, gay and bisexual men are at increased risk for substance use disorders.
Sarver and researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, University of Colorado Boulder and Health Center Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and San Francisco found that early and frequent sexual stimulation, both during adolescence and early adulthood, were associated with higher alcohol use, views of alcohol dependence, and underage drinking.

How theifieds design therapeutic mix for damaged heart

A new therapy to treat heart failure could be developed by combining two developed medicines separately. The technique aims to repair damaged heart cells, which results in patients no longer getting a heart transplant. The treatments are effective but costly, it is estimated. Lead researcher Medical Henning Ulbrant of The Amgen Institute of the University […]