US says regarding some food ingredients with Extreme Pungency as proof of need for China imports

For the ingredient that Chinese health authorities traced to the U.S.
It did not immediately offer details, such as why the lab tests were negative.
The FDA said in its emailed notice that while instant noodles in its approved product have “low-level industrial humectant”, “there is no evidence to support that this ingredient is unsafe or poses a health risk to consumers.” The agency declined to say how many ingredients it had cited.
“We are advising poultry producers, growers, wholesalers (…)poultry processors, and retailers to limit the use of ingredients that may be used in their products that are high in industrial humectant in order to avoid exposure to these highly hazardous chemicals,” the USDA said in an email on Monday.
In a separate cable, the CDC, a part of the U.S.
Federal Government that works with consumers to prevent foodborne illnesses, told poultry and meat processors, meat suppliers and retailers to “exercise reasonable efforts to control the use of industrial humectant for the purposes stated in the guidance.”