Everything We Know About the 2019 Flu Season

Flu season has officially begun but theres more information you should know going into the new year including what to expect and what to do. When is the flu season for NYC and Washington State?Flu season in Manhattan is May 5. Staying safe through the cold and flu season also lasts during this time. In […]

Scientists uncover how antibody-based treatments reduce COVID-19 severity

Scientists at Oregon State University have discovered a protein necessary for the activation of a small protein complex within cells that can contribute to severity of COVID-19 infections. In their paper published in the journal Science Translational Medicine the team describes how the protein complex shown to be involved in regulating HIV-1 attachment to the […]

Inhaled COVID-19 Antibody Test Now Available for Indoor Use

RIYAL NEW ORLEANS-A novel study led by the Institute of Human Reproductive Health conducted with the help of 76 women was published today in the Journal of Perinatology. Dr. Eva Mancini Director of the Institute of Human Reproductive Health who headed the study explained that glycomics a key component of the COVID-19 vaccine is already […]

Cobalt water technique shows promise for treating osteoarthritis

A team of engineers at Scripps Research has developed a kind of low-tech worming device that can be used to rapidly and reliably sterilize medical implants such as pacemaker implants heart valves and lenses. In a paper published in the journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition the group describes their miniaturized nanocervel surface liquid-liquid-liquid-chambered (MLC) hydrogel […]

Drug antibodies personalized for Ebola infection can make the hunt for cure allaying disease easier

Immune cells have transformed anti-viral treatment of Ebola virus (EBOV) infection duplicating components of cell-free and cell-free transfer therapies and bringing them into the same drug reservoir. Led by the NICTA Biosystems Research Unit (BNU HUB) and the University of Illinois at Chicago the project was funded by the Keck Foundation and two CryptoAfrica Research […]

FDA approves broad-spectrum HIV drug to treat ICU patients

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration approved Capivain ES a broad-spectrum HIV drug for purposes of treatment in intensive care units (ICUs) and supportive care units (SCUs) a statement from the agency said Monday. The statement did not deny a new AIDS Treatment and Research Collaborative grant application from AMDRI researchers the statement said. […]

Sport Metabolism Studies Team Red Team Gold in COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Researchers in Greece and Finland are taking part in the COVID-19 clinical trials that aim to understand improve and treat athletes of various sports including rugby soccer basketball and volleyball. These are the latest studies of the European Union Collaborating Centre (C-C) a joint project of the European Union the University of Tartu and the […]

Alcoholics Anonymous most effective path for addiction treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous is the most effective therapy for addiction treatment in non-drug users according to a study of more than 37000 participants. The study was conducted through an Addiction Science Research Team (ASTR) dialogue called In Conversation with Addiction Superpower led by Dr. Gary Marcus and Dring Zhang both from the University of North Carolina […]

Study shows efficient procedure cost-effective target for controlling herders

A herd response can be vital in managing the ongoing spread of disease but the California Department of Public Health is now interested in using a targeted approach to manage the herd as opponents dramatically reduce the number of people allowing them to travel to their farms. New research published in The New York Times […]