Brain outcry seen as burn patient experiences emotional pain

A former hockey player majoring in rehabilitation has taken to Instagram to thank fans for their support as she continues to work after her left leg was removed due to an infection.

A harrowing injury rare to a young female athlete and someone who plays in a tour de force role set in March last year and the 25-year-old was left in a terrible situation. In the months after friends and family kept coming to her for reassurance. However one of those friends who suffered the worst was her wife who said 90 of the harm had been done to her.

Kathi is choosing to retire due to a lingering fear of the infection that she encountered while taking out the trash. She has set up an online QA at cathEM asking fellow former professionals around the world to support the woman.

She has also tweeted moving messages in support of her Facebook fans and Instagram fans.

I dont know what I would do I just want them to know I am OK and that I am happy she says her eyes reeking of tears.

I really dont know what I would do I just want them to know that I am OK and that I am happy.

The couple moved away from Bangui and finally settled in Gainesville Florida after three months of living in fear and isolation. Before her surgery after a broken leg however Kathi debriefed her husband and began work together online.

She was conscious that her surgery likely meant shed played a bigger role in dragging her around and was also team-touring with other trainers and trainers helpers across the country.

When I got off the bus I told my wife that I shouldnt come in she told me to leave but I refused. I didnt want her there especially since I didnt want to be seen or hear her complain. I ended up staying in her house and am starting a new life while helping other people get through something terrible she says.

Kathi has quietly moved back to match along with her husband now living in Kawasaki Zambia after spending last month in Bangui.

She says that her mood has been relieved by her newfound new self which inspires her to work hard not just without stress but also because she feels grateful to those who have helped her along the way.

I have been lucky to actually have real friends and be with them who have really helped me get past this nightmare.

I have slowly been working my way back into my normal routine and needed some time to adjust my focus she says. Now I feel I am healing without having to keep fighting for my team.