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Recent AEP Research HighlightsThe Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN) is proud to announce its latest report Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Nursing Focus, which highlights all the current ACRN news and research pertaining to the topics of rehabilitation nursing education, research, and patient care.

ARN’s Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Nursing Focus keeps track of the current developments in rehabilitation nursing education, research, and practice at institutions of higher education, rehabilitation and even more related fields like employment and personal care. Projected in 2020 and 2019, it also includes a link to postings outlining the latest research and developments related to the topic, including case studies and critical commentary. As such, this report is timely.

The ACRN’s cardiovascular rehabilitation nursing focus is focused on covering all the latest research related to rehabilitation nursing education, research, and practice topics. Projects covering topics related to mental health, racism, physical and mental health, aging and chronic diseases, childhood abuse, PTSD, trauma, and more are also the focus of the newly released report.

How AEP Publisher TD Reyes, RN, started his EDN internship, in addition to contributing to the new aspect of, was born in the Houston, Texas area. A graduate of both the College of Nursing and Health Education in the state of Texas, Reyes has completed his nursing degree from Trinity University, Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, and earned his RN/NP/NPPA certification from The College of Nursing at Baylor University in Houston.

Staffing and Goals for 2020 :As our data sherpa bylines these days, AEP really is a key resource supporting policymakers, patients and health systems working to improve the quality of care for seniors and individuals with disabilities. In every setting, we have embraced our mission by adding new members who are committed to supporting member efforts, supporting research to advance AEP goals, and rewarding valuable contributions to the digital resources at Broadcast News.

Our goal is to foster meaningful and meaningful support for our community through means of both research and advocacy. As such, our front lines are rarely so advanced as they are for older Americans. One way that we are bringing forward the healing wisdom that is our profession and abilities is by providing resources to organizations who need a place for their blogs and the like.