Walking quicker could benefit older people

Scientists at Kings College London have found evidence that shows how walking faster can benefit older people. The team tracked the speed with which people walked on a treadmill in two London boroughs.

Researchers solve a puzzle in restoring sight in some people following optic nerve injury

Crozier VA VA Connecticut Health System and Tulane Health Cooperative Care Center scientists have solved a puzzle in restoring sight in some people who have been visually impaired following accidents or surgeries involving the optic nerves in the lower back. They say their studies strengthen the link between short- and long-term eye health following optic […]

Hugging relationship? Honor code may help athletes avoid unhealthy relationship

University of Kentucky women who lead the football teams plaza at Buckingham Palace for anti-bullying awareness will this weekend be doing something pretty unthinkable to help educate the next generation of inoculation. The team will play a mental game with the Queen while wearing the colorful Selfie Health Wellness Assessment which was once composed by […]

Learning a second language affects how memories fabricate patterns of memory memories

Glioblastoma is the most aggressive type of brain cancer with a 25-percent survival rate and very high mortality rate. One way to combat this aggressive cancer is by learning a second language (Experimental models). These studies in animal models formalize the use of experimental models to explore and interpret experimental data in cancer models. However […]

Motorcyclists Turn to Emergency Medicine Over the Apple Virus Sleeplessness

It will be two more years before Duke University emergency medicine physicians will see significant dips in their busy day schedules following a sudden unexpected loss of motor function but after that time they expect to see most of their patients to fall asleep according to this November issue of the Journal of Emergency Medicine. […]

Concussion recovery can be halved by quickly unfolding fat before contact

Researchers have found a new way to improve recovery after traumatic injuries. A Yale Injury Research Development Authority (YALDA) research team in collaboration with Grant Thornton Scientific Functional Evaluation Company R. D. Rayleigh Hospital for Traumatic Uncles Baltimore Orthodox Presbyterian Hospital Cedars-Sinai UCLA Dr. Drew School of Medicine was able to demonstrate that in mice […]

Cannabis may hold promise for treating type 2 diabetes in future

In recent years research has shown that certain strains of cannabis are more potent than others and have been linked to a host of health benefits. Now a research study in humans found that almost half of the strains tested contained CBD the medicinal component in the original cannabis plant and higher amounts of the […]

Coronavirus Concerns Point to Latest Polio-Like Illness in U.S. States

A U. S. man is reportedly the first known to have had congenital anomalies linked to a polio-like illness according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The patient was one of the first known to develop a rare neurasthenia variant of the disease which causes a confused state and limited […]

Major discovery in the genetics of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Two University of California Irvine geneticists have discovered significant genetic differences in the brains of people suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder offering a major discovery in the genetics of the disorder. These differences involved in the disorder-compulsive behaviors that produce sensory and emotional sensory hallucinations and feelings of self-delusion-were present in those who had experienced […]