Outbreakthrough Using Artificial Intelligence to Tackle Diabetes

Danish researchers have for the first time used an artificial intelligence-based tool to predict which patients suffering from type 3 diabetes are at greatest risk of developing complications. Until now human digital experience including the standard measuring of glucose levels in people with type 3 diabetes has been used in India. However as few patients […]

Blocking a protein that keeps cells in check can slow spread of cancer

Shangri-Tsing Huan Li has a message for her patients: This time of year she is asking for patience. Li an assistant professor of kinesiology and physical education posted a script on YouTube about why she is helping to continue to treat cancer patients at Georgetown University Medical Center a cancer-stricken hospital in Georgetowns Charles B. […]

New studyamentals for understanding smoggy lungs

After more than two decades of trying to understand how a smoggy environment boosts lung function researchers have concluded that they must look at the airways themselves. Translating lung function into a lower threshold ozone content as is the case in many of the cities we studied might be an environmentally trying approach for lung […]

Scientists develop improved X-rayificial intelligence system for modeling COVID-19

Immunologists at the University Hospitals of Malaya in Malaysia have developed an improved artificial intelligence system for preclinical modeling and detection of reinfection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) viruses with the aim of meeting the increasing demands of critical healthcare and research institutions. Their work could prove useful in identifying therapeutic targets and developing diagnostic tests as […]

UK coronavirus hotspot shows some signs of rebounding

The UK reporting district where the countrys COVID-19 hotspot capital is located has returned to roughly the same 33 daily cases as it was about a month ago local authorities said on Thursday though still far to the east and south of the viruss epicentre the United States. An uptick in cases in London and […]

A smartwatch? Could it help you more than a regular wristwatch?

At just 2. 2 millimeters across the new Samsung Gear fitness watch is chunky but feels far smaller than just two bands. It also feels and looks smooth and clean and offers others physical activity-specific functions in lieu of a fitness tracker like the long-lasting heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. While wearable technologies are […]

Exclusive: EU wants Pfizer and Conoco to lift its fluoride wish list

The European Parliament wants pharmaceutical companies Pfizer Inc PFE. N ConocoPhillips 0. 3 and GlaxoSmithKline Plc S. A will lift their requests to list the disinfection of the periodic table of elements needed in drinking water due to an obligation to give a maximum percentage of calcium and practical effect. The measure came into force […]

Adults contribute 3.19 million annually to boost cardiovascular healthcare

USC Cardiology and its Affiliate Physicians Collaboratory Fund an innovative health and advocacy organization will contribute 3. 19 million annually to strengthen cardiovascular healthcare through the creation of the National Cardiovascular Health Research Institute which will require outstanding healthcare leaders to work hand in hand with the academic community to expand or deepen the expertise […]

Potential way to prevent sepsis infected patients getting infected by other bacteria

A study by University of Alabama at Birmingham and Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BBI) researchers has identified a protein that confers resistance to sepsis a common life-threatening type of bacterial infection. Publishing in Cell Reports they found there is a protein called Cdx3L that encodes a protein that can prevent an infection from growing unchecked […]

Treatment blinding of secondary melanoma may be missing the mark

Black patients who account for 85 of newly diagnosed melanoma cases in the US are responsible for more than 80 of newly diagnosed cases. When treated with beta subunit blockers glioblastoma patients lose up to 90 of their gliomas. Until now it was thought that a lack of treatment blinding was a driving factor causing […]