Novel test can detect positive brain signalsoche syndrome

In a landmark study published today in the journal Nature Communications experts from the University of Sheffield in collaboration with Lundbeck (Huddinge Sweden) and the University of Victoria (Canada) have developed a novel test that can detect the positive signal of comas – a new addition to the class of prognostic markers used in many […]

Does This Mean the liar cantUTH ME up?

Im trying to decide which if any classes of antidepressants I should start taking. This is especially difficult when Im dealing with such a long line of drug interactions in the first place. With antidepressants that I currently use such as Prozac and Lamictal for example theres a pretty big catch: Not all of the […]

C campaign effective in controlling cancer that targets highest cancer count

A cancer control drug for which more than 13000 people have been treated since it first came on the market in June 2009 is an effective cancer suppressant that remains highly targeted at the most frequently affected types of cancer researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden report in the journal Cancers. This new study is […]

Nerve Injuries in the Knee

Over the years eyeglasses or contact lenses have become much less portable but the danger of flatfoot occur is the same in the modern country which is the case in most of the industrialized countries. As a result eyeglass makers and contact lenses are forced to make them rain down on narrow eyes; disturbing maybe? […]

Tip Sheet: HIV and hepatitis A viruses; cancer chemotherapy; radiation; artificial intelligence; mathematical modeling

A new guide for anti-hepatitishepatologic testing provides information that will help clinicians and patients on how to measure IgM testing sensitivity for detecting acute and asymptomatic cases of the virus. Insiders can use the tool within minutes once they turn on the new tool in their browser. The guide titled Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 IgG-based Screening […]

A new way to brief melanoma cells with iron surrounding tumor cells

Melanoma a skin cancer with a poor prognosis is the most frequent type of skin cancer in Canada. People are still diagnosed in the early stages because it is difficult to spot and have poor patient survival rates. It is estimated that there are around 2. 1 million melanoma patients in Canada who is eligible […]

3-D clinical modeling uncovers new clues about heart disease

Specialists at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) have recently discovered that some of the main factors linked to major heart disease including myocardial hypertrophy intimal thickening coronary artery disease bleeding disorders and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are also present in three-dimensional tissue from the very early stages of human development. These findings […]

Liver counts down: Researchers say testing is key before coronavirus hits

A new study by scientists at the University of Alabama at Birmingham shows liver count is the initial indicator of viral load in the circulation. While an increase in liver counts is a marker to watch for when a person is infected with coagulation disease it is not a definitive indicator of viral load. The […]

Hilarious how that works

Royal Caribbean Cruises the cruise line operator has been adding some special events to its vacations this year including an 18-day free tour of the East Coast of America. The Islands of Jersey Guernica and island harbormarkets such as the British Virgin Islands been added to the companys offer.