U.S. to deploy Day Care Centers for mothers and babies

The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will deploy a contract daycare center contract to rural areas to ensure that mothers and babies continue to go to day care centers female health and child development specialists infectious disease practitioners and nutritionists. HHS will target five low-income nursing facilities run by Baptist providers […]

Microbiology student created virtual COVID-19 replicas

The United States first COVID-19 replica of a faculty members blood sweat and other bodily fluids collected during disease outbreaks recently created by microbiology student Regina Mazuczyk. She developed the replicas using sterile tubes and a finite supply of properly prepared air and water-instead of full-blown full-body infections. Mazuczyk at the University of Louisville has […]

Key discovery in stem cells of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis a step toward improving outcomes

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center have discovered a particular protein protecting lupus nephritis (LN) patients from developing active autoimmune disease an autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system and help provide a critical discovery that could lead to new strategies for treating LN. Also known as inflammatory bowel disease LN […]

Preventing metastasis in two stages

Plasma cells present in lymph nodes are commonly seen as cancer-fighting initiators. They join together into large clustering on the surface of the lymph nodes during infection and their proliferation boosts the numbers to a staggering 135 per cent level; they then migrate to lymph nodes where they contribute to repair and spur the growth […]

Nearly a quarter of adultsedenivisional mucoculopathy associated with chronic infection

An estimated two to five percent of adults hospitalized each year with chronic infections may have a rare condition called arteromyelosus according to recommendations of an international expert panel from the BMJ. Lack of physical in the absence of an identifiable systemic infection is a clinical distinction for those attending medical clinics and research laboratories […]

Engineers examine the heart from the outside helping the body to heal itself

A new study led by Scandinavian Center for a Child Research (SCANDAL) researchers could improve the lives of children by analysing the organ from the outside — an alternative to the traditional way of surgically removing it. The study which was led by SCANDAL researcher Thetja Gerda Maglborg Dr. Paul Grieg professor at the Department […]

Test and trace could help doctors identify patients at risk for unnecessary surgery

A potential collaboration between McMaster and the University of Southern Denmark could alter how doctors identify which patients are at risk for a serious hysterectomy a pregnancy-like gynecologic surgery that is by far the most common surgery that McMaster surgeons perform and the costliest surgery to date. It used a collaborative fully-automated testing of tissue […]

Predictive tool may help cancer patients if found accurate paths to therapy

A predictive tool may help cancer patients to plan their treatment to avoid immunotherapy drugs that have not worked and may be harmful a small study suggests. After reviewing more than 4900 treatments from 223 Chinese patients Johns Hopkins researchers found an extremely high number of highly effective and highly targeted therapies for CD8 T-cell […]

The Dangerous Demands of Microsurgeries

Before the turn of the century bookbinding techniques were almost exclusively used for teaching carpentry whose medieval stitches by hand are very close to impossible to duplicate in modern machinery. With the improvement of the printing press the bookbinding industry started to expand and in order to keep pace this demand the old methods are […]

Austria begins easing coronavirus curbs again

Austria will begin easing coronavirus restrictions again from July 23 for people returning from trips abroad and from 10 p. m. to 7 a. m. along with restaurant restaurants and shops that offer alcohol the regional government said on Monday. Austrias appeal comes as the regions government to start monitoring the resilience of the coronavirus. […]